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 A Tradition of SAFE SOLUTIONS

Founded in 2007 by Rosario Arroyo, Mandados Professional Services is a woman-owned, boutique cleaning business focused on providing exceptional, natural solutions for its customers. Our passion for cleaning is more than a job—it’s a mission to serve residential and commercial customers with environmentally safe cleaning solutions and service.

We don't only clean, but sanitize and sterilize your environment. 


Rosario’s first job was as a housekeeper at the Ritz-Carlton. After noticing the strong products affected her sinusitis condition, she realized there was a need for housekeeping with safe and effective products. She worked hard to learn new techniques and create environmentally safe, non-toxic products. Whether it’s in your home or in your business, Mandados believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for your environment to be clean.

Mandados uses a combination of natural solutions, essential oils, and UV light sterilization to kill viruses, bacteria, and common germs. Your space will not only look clean, but smell great too. 


Residential, Commercial, and Rental Cleaning 

With 13 years of experience, it is our passion to sterilize your residence, vacation rental, or business. We pride ourselves on using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions for your space.

Disinfection and Sanitation 

Our cleaning techniques free your space of germs and bacteria caused from dust, humidity, and impurities. Quality personal protection equipment keeps both our team and our clients safe. Mandados' products are made of natural solutions and essential oils that kill common germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Personal Cleaning Solutions: 

We have developed our own cleaning products that you can easily use to maintain your space until our next visit.


Mandados Professional Services was founded in sunny and beautiful Naples, Florida and services the Southwest Florida area including Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral.


We understand how important safety and cleanliness are during this time. That’s why we wear masks and medical-grade personal protection equipment in your space as well as participate in social distancing. Contactless payment is also available.


They deep cleaned my house on the first visit. I have found a winning team. They have been in constant dialogue with me, so that I know exactly what needs to be done and how they handle every issue. What a great company!

-Kathleen H


1 (239) 537-1060 

Text us for immediate customer service attention 

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